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title slide of Talking with Elise about Accompaniment video

Talking With Elise about Accompaniment

A conversation with Elise Ganly on her accompaniment of a refugee. Growing up in Port Augusta, South Australia, Elise passed the Baxter Detention Centre hundreds of times. Through her involvement in YCS (Young Christian Students) she began to comprehend that there were people beyond the barbed wire and this helped her to see the issues facing the refugees inside. While working in Brisbane as an organiser for the Queensland Community Alliance, she became involved in a refugee protest outside a hotel where 120 refugees had been detained for at least a year. For Elise, faith sometimes requires us to take “strategic action” which requires us to make difficult choices about confronting authorities and people with power.

title slide for Planning Next Steps for Cherbourg video

Planning Next Steps for Cherbourg

Part 3 of a series of three conversations with Ravina Waldren, Peter Arndt and Maree Rose. After prayerful reflection, the team plans what it needs to do to continue its accompaniment of the Cherbourg community.

title slide for Praying About Cherbourg video

Praying About Cherbourg

Part 2 of a series of three conversations with Ravina Waldren, Peter Arndt and Maree Rose. After an acknowledgement of country and listening to Scripture there is a period of contemplation, a time of listening with the heart to what God is saying to them about the Cherbourg community and how the Spirit is moving the group in their accompaniment. Prayerful reflection and contemplation with the help of scripture and Church tradition is a vital element in the process of discernment. It lubricates the wheels of Christian social action from beginning to end.

Prayer – Accompaniment

This prayer is featured in the praying with scripture resource and reflects the pastoral theme of Accompaniment. It can be used anytime individually, as a group or before an activity to bring to life the ‘Culture of Encounter.’

Sharing Our Stories – Accompaniment

This video discussion shows a conversation on the pastoral theme of Accompaniment and what it means after two years of activities to bring to life the ‘Culture of Encounter.’ Members share their stories and listen to one another.

Accompaniment. Praying with Scripture.

Praying with Scripture – Accompaniment

This prayer sheet provides a process for praying together with Scripture on the theme of accompaniment. It invites reflection on Luke 24: 13 – 31 and provides a series of stimulus questions to help you to make connections between your insights from reflection on Scripture and your action for justice, ecology and peace.