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We must be faithful friends, walking with people and communities, committed to lasting relationships. They are not a project or our clients; they are our sisters and brothers. Our encounters should be genuine and ongoing; continuing to return to dialogue and serve builds trust.  We do not start engaging with people and communities unless we intend to maintain the journey. The people and communities whom we accompany should be genuinely served by us and empowered by our engagement with them. We should think carefully about how we can affect people who have experienced trauma and oppression by asking them to share their stories and by what we ask them to do. Sometimes there is nothing we can do about the challenges communities face, but we can bear witness and give encouragement to instill worth and dignity. We are conscious that we can either help people to feel that the Church is concerned about their lives, and is with them in their struggles or make them feel abandoned or alone.

Resources on Accompaniment

title slide of Talking with Elise about Accompaniment video
Talking With Elise about Accompaniment

title slide for Planning Next Steps for Cherbourg video
Planning Next Steps for Cherbourg

title slide for Praying About Cherbourg video
Praying About Cherbourg

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