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Love should be at the heart of what we do and the way we do things. Our mission is to be the love of God in the world, to build up God’s reign of justice, love and peace. Often talk of justice can be disconnected from feelings. It can appear cold and policy orientated. It can have little to do with mercy and love which are at the heart of Jesus’ message. In Scripture we learn that God’s justice is not the same as human justice. It goes beyond a transactional approach. God lifts up the ‘little ones’ and offers mercy. Pope Francis too frames talk of justice in the context of mercy, love, and care. Changing our way of being is something profound. It is more so than knowing some principles and applying them. Starting with people, and all of God’s creatures, and honouring them with our love is important. Love and care for our common home recognises the sacredness of all creation.

Resources on Love

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